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A multi-platform content app for healthcare professionals.

I joined the talented Medit team just as the first version of the app was being released in the AppStore. This page will be updated with all the good stuff (and some of the bad!) I learned from my time as lead designer there.

A stronger first impression

For the first versions of our Home screen we tried the ubiquitous vertical infinite scroll. After observing a few user sessions and looking at the analytics we were getting, we started noticing a few issues: the screen became too cluttered. Users were finding it too complicated. There was a disconnect from our marketing messages: we were promising this new thing and delivering the same old “feed” (boring!).

Instead of making buttons bigger and adding pointers and helpers, we decided to take a step back.

After some research, a lot of sketching a few good rounds of internal testing, we rolled out a new version we were able to roll out a new version.

Much more attractive and interactive, we use cards for featured content and important information and quick lists and carousels for the curated content. We moved some of the functionalities from that screen to different user journeys. Experience became much more focused.

That increased the time spent in app, with users taking more to explore. It also ended opening up possibilities for extra revenue through promoted content.

A more dynamic brand

Streamlined the logo and added alternate lockouts and colour variants to make it stronger across different channels. Developed a more flexible colour palette with multiple tints and shades to empower the marketing team.

Everything Design

Some of my responsibilities included:

  1. Building and testing low and high fidelity prototypes. Example shows an idea for the “save content” feature.
  2. Designing, building and maintaining the website (with support from the dev & marketing teams).
  3. Keeping inventory of interface elements. Example shows what we used to build the new typography system.
  4. Testing and writing microcopy. To make it easier for all the teams involved, we implemented a Copy Doc.

Hey, it's Felipe!

I’m a designer / developer with over 15 years of experience.

My skills include product design, art direction, prototyping, mobile design, branding, front-end development and team leadership.

I'm always looking for new challenges — feel free to drop an email!

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