Clubforce: Making Sport Happen

Market leader in sports club automation, payments, fundraising and communications.

As the only UX designer working across multiple SCRUM teams building the next version of Clubforce, a big part of my job involves supporting and empowering my colleagues.

User research. Qualitative and quantitative

To gather insight on our more complex flows, we’ve recently started conducting virtual usability sessions with some of our users. They are organised by our support team and happen over Zoom.

Each session is recorded and then broken down following the atomic method (experiments, facts, insights, opportunities) and presented to the rest of the team.

After only a few of those, we were able to identify pain points and gather valuable feedback which helped inform us on design decisions.

And in a combined effort with our data experts, we’re also increasing considerably the number of analytics tags on both front and back end. This brings clarity to user journeys and helps our POs when prioritising stories and tasks.

A Design System

And I’m leading another combined effort: Clubforce’s first Design System. Currently on its early phase, we use Figma files and libraries for components and assets and Storybook for code components and documentation. Tokens are used for colours.

Progressing the company’s UX maturity level

I started working with our Head of Product on progressing the company UX maturity from our current low emergent level. Our main focus at this point is on increasing awareness and improving processes.

That is an ongoing effort and in practical terms it means small things such as:

  • dedicated Slack channels and Confluence spaces for design discussions
  • an internal design blog and
  • a series of mini workshops.